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Naked Queen

The knight falls to the darkness of light.

He gazes to seek the truth of sight.

Eyes first glancing, then piercing the skin.

Eyes constantly searching to undress the person.


Do these eyes not like what they see?

Why do they strive to invade me?


A wall of defense stands guard against this unwanted trespasser.

Passer-byer not risking the chance to stay awhile.

An army of expectations kneel to the queen–waving their white flag.

She thirsts to be seen as she is–a beautiful queen indeed.


Why must my shield seduce the knight?

Bewitched by the veil of deceit, he knows not I.


Her nakedness haunts the knight–a hunt for security.

This queen so secure in her nakedness, it’s no wonder the eyes peek inside.


Has he discovered my weakness?

Why has his gazed reached thus far?


The knight knows yet the battle he’s won, urging the queen to surrender defeat.

The naked queen haunts the knight.

It’s a wonderful sight indeed.



Live to Exist

The pain of life is living.

Living to breath. Living to see.

The constant struggle of being.

Being presence. Being to be.


The paradox of death is life

Freeing the self from itself.

Being life, not living.

Fighting the true battle of existence.




Spring is Here!

Spring brings life to the death and destruction of Winter and Fall.

Take in the beauty of the blossoms and enjoy the burst of energy taken away by the frost.

Spring is the beginning and the end.

Spring is here!


Washington, D.C.




Introducing “Life of River Banks”

A good friend of mine suggested the theme ‘Time is a river’ for my next blog post. I have begun writing a short, descriptive prose called “Life of River Banks”. I may turn this project into a three part short story rather than one single prose. I would love feedback from my followers and all that have visited my blog thus far before I dive too far. I can’t believe it has only been 4 days since I began my page. Please enjoy the short Prologue below and leave comments in addition to “likes” [If you like it that is!].I will release the first chapter upon completion. I started it just yesterday….FYI I took the featured photo at Jamestown Beach, Virginia, USA.


Life of River Banks

Prologue: The Birth of River Banks


                As the water rises, the roots can no longer hold on. The trees stand tall and mighty, as they have for centuries. However, no matter how strong their will, they lack in number. Eventually, the roots must let go as the mud becomes too loose. This dreadful water has eaten up the bank with its stones obsidian sharp. Erosion is our enemy. The army of trees stand defeated as the bank begins to burst. Victory lies within the birth of River Banks, so full of life.



I open my eyes to find a forest of vegetation. I’m not quite sure how I arrived here. The wind blows calmingly across the surface of my skin. My arm hairs stand attention, waving to the breeze. A soft whisper tickles the air. Ripples circle around me gently nudging me forward. I guess I must move. I cannot remain here, but where do I go? I am amongst uncharted territory. Everything is open to exploration. An army of trees surround me, seemingly defeated. Their branches hang low, leaves nearing the ground, as if they’ve lost some unseen battle. They are marked with wounds along their trunks, indicating many years of guarding the earth. I wonder what dreadful beast brought them to this gruesome state. At last, the breath of life still flows around them. I reach out to touch the bark of a soldier. As if testifying, a lullaby resonates through me. Pray tell me, are you alright?

A bird chirps a song of love while twiddling its feathers. I stand watch to see if someone answers unsure how long it may take. The sun shines its rays bright, peeking through the canopy. Small animals are at play inside the bushes. So many sounds fill the air while the little bird belts its song of songs. Chirping…rustling…singing…crying? What is the origin of such sadness? I turn to investigate, but notice a trickling of water dripping down my face. Touching my cheek, I turn red. It’s me! Why do I cry? What do these tears signify?

From some odd distance another bird has answered the call. The small animals have disappeared from the bushes. The sun’s rays have hidden themselves behind the clouds. The trees are still whispering the sweet lullaby, as the tears begin to consume me. I fear I may drown in my own sea of despair. I move towards the body of water to cleanse my face. Suddenly, I am swept up by the current. Wait! Stop! I gargle the last word into my mouth as I drift below the surface. The sun smiles from above. Sound becomes indistinguishable. I close my eyes. I am River Banks.


Mary had a Little Lamb Burger

Mary had a little lamb,
Little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
Its fleece was white as snow.

“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know.”
Loves the lamb, you know, loves the lamb, you know
“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know.”

I loved seeing so many sheep during the drive from Belfast, Ireland to Derry, Ireland. I wanted to sheep so baaadly on the way up, but the site seeing was too breath taking. Eventually, I could not keep myself from saying “awwww the little lambs are so cute. I really want a lamb burger” [yes, those thoughts were sequential]. Needless to say, I did not take my lamb to school. Instead, that little lamb became my meal. Yes, I bared my teeth and gulped it down like a wolf. What a tasteful meal indeed! You wool not believe how many sheep are in Ireland. It’s a ram-page!

I Love Lamb


In case you are wondering, I did make it to Derry safe and sound without harming any sheep along the way. The view was amazingly soothing. I found myself just sitting outside absorbing it all in, until eventually we began to explore. It is these little moments abroad that make traveling worthwhile. Travelling does not have to revolve around tourist areas and busy schedules packed with site seeing. Sometimes you just get in the car and take a ride, wandering around aimlessly until something sparks your interest. My time spent in Derry was just that, no schedule, no plans, just good plain fun with lively people. I still think of the time spent there today and smile. My heart fills with joy and uncontrollable bliss. It was a Wanderful experience. I highly recommend Derry, Ireland as a place of escape from restricting schedules and exploration of nature. It is far from dreary.



Heads held high,

Breath held tight,

Lights, Sparkle, Bright

Reflection in your eyes,

Can’t believe you’re mine.


BOOM in the sky!

BOOM in my chest!

Colors spread across,

Arms open wide,

Holds me in close.


Can you feel the beat?

The rhythm moves the air,

Resonating through me.

This feeling bursts inside,

Illumination everywhere.


Falling debris…

Falling stars…

Falling under the fireworks.


Me Duele el Corazón

La vida sin ti es como la muerte

no puedo respirar sin pensar en ti

todos los días estas en mi mente

todos los días estas en mi corazón

y me duele el corazón

me duele el corazón por ti


no puedo pensar en otro

no puedo estar con otro

Creo que no puedo amar otro mas

porque echo de menos mi corazón

te extraño mucho


extraño como me besas, como me abrazas, como me tocas

Quiero estar cara a cara, piel a piel…besando las bocas

pensando en lo, me vuelve loca


Yo te quiero amor mio…mi vida…mi ser


un cuerpo sin el corazón no pueda vivir

por eso, cada día que estés muy lejos de mi, conozco a la muerte

y una cara sin su boca no pueda sonreír

Por eso, me duele el corazón.




Inside Story

If you’re curious to know insight to my blog posts, you may follow Wanderfulife on Facebook. For those who don’t have Faceboook, there may be a twitter page coming soon. I’m not that hip with all the social sites though I should be given my generation. I guess you could say I’m a hybrid who fancies old ways of communicating such as a chat at the coffee shop or writing a letter to send across town rather than always texting or posting to social sites to stay connected.

With that said, Wanderfulife Facebook page will not have full blogs you find here. You will find short memos about the writing process for past blog posts and teasers for new posts to come! Also, feel free to join in the discussion for inspiration of new content and design.



The Photographer

Do you ever find yourself struggling to take a picture of one of your experiences? Be it a wedding, a sports game, a play or an event, so many activities are being photographed today. I often find myself in this debacle, but I’m not alone. Have you ever attended an event and automatically view phones raised in the air? Or even ipads or tablets are used to snap the perfect shot. I wonder how many have stopped to think about the fact that when you spend your time attempting to capture the moment, you aren’t fully experiencing the moment. Rather than struggle to capture the moment with the snap of a button, I simply don’t at times. This leaves me with no picture to witness later, or rather display to others later as “proof”. However, I know the most special moments are those locked away in my brain as visual or auditory imagery. No matter how much time may erase the sharpness of these images, I know they will last with me for a lifetime. #FoodForThought, capture the moment by living in the moment. Be your own photographer.