If only we could hide our feelings some how
Then some how maybe they wont get hurt
Hurt by the ones who claim they care
They care? then why do they cause such pain
Pain to those who try to be there
Their friends some how become their enemy
Enemy, foe, rival…why such hate?
Hatred only blinds the truth
The truth that we can not face our fears
Fears of being hurt, betrayed, or let down
Let down our guard? that’s suicide!
Suicide we think, so we keep up a wall
A wall to block all possible intruders
Intruders who we think may hurt us
US becomes an I or me because we cant see
See that not everyone is intended to harm
Harm, break,destroy or invade our hearts
Hearts that are fragile to the pain of life
Life that sucks our emotions dry
Dry because of the stress we spend hiding
Hiding true feelings, thinking they cant possibly get hurt
Get hurt? how if they never know what’s really there
They’re the ones missing out, so we think
We think that by hiding our feelings we are strong
Are we strong? honestly, or are we truly weak
Truly, we are weak…oh yes we are weak
Weak because we cant fully enjoy life hiding
Hiding our true selves from each other

Its like we’ve become invisible
Invisible things you can not see
Seeing is not to see, its to be blind
Blinded by what is really there
Their hidden selves, are invisible
Invisible to both you and me
Me, I prefer to put on my shades
Shades that like on Big Daddy, make me invisible
Invisible to pain, invisible to cries, invisible to lies
Lies, are what we tell ourselves when we try to hide
To hide only makes matters worse…hurt hurts more
More unnecessary stress on ourselves, we put

Because we can not face rejection…



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