Lost in Love

Lost in this world called Love.

It is you that I’m thinking of

Trying to figure you out

because I seem to be having some doubt

Do you really exist? Or am I just lost in the mist?

Clouded by feelings of lust that must be wiped away. Like dust.

It’s so easy to confuse the two. They both do begin with L…it’s true

But how am I suppose to tell which one you mean. or I mean.

So I’m just lost in this world and I’m sure I’m not alone


Damaged by those three little words. But so much meaning behind those three little words.

So I refuse to let them slip from my lips.

And when you say them with your hands wrapped around my hips

I tremble inside and just want to hide

But I smile to your face and kiss your mouth, hoping that I can shake my doubt

I’m trapped in this state of mind. Not to believe you just because you are kind

So I’m just lost in this world and I’m positive I’m not alone


All hope is shattered by those who came before you

Those who confused and misused the word. And now you too?

But do I just forget…and take your word for it

I don’t want to lose another to this wall I’ve put up

To protect this world in which I’ve never lived, so that when the time comes

It will not cease to exist

While I’m caught in the mist of lust.


I’m lost in this world called Love and I’m definitely not alone.



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