Surrounding me with your tight grasp

I hold my breath, waiting to exhale

But your lips take up every breath of me

Forcing me into a quiet plea to be let free

Yet my body stands still, not wanting to budge

As if it has a mind of its own, it moves near

So there we stand, face to face…mouth to mouth

Your eyes lost in mine

And in this moment I see you

As if we are one, the same

From where you have traveled, I have no knowledge

But to where you have come, I have great gratitude

It is a sight to see ones self in the mirror

The reflection pulling you in

Forcing you to confront what lies beneath so many masks

Forcing you to see the true beauty of ones self

That others try so hard to steal away

But here we stand tall, not backing down

Nothing else matters but me and you

You and I…am me





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