Sleepless Nights

Once again the clock tells 12.  I should be locked in unreality, deep in a dream..

Here I sit, hands to my keys, typing away the thoughts that invade my brain

So alert my brain is when the thoughts cant I keep at bay

My mind wonders into an abyss of darkness where only one light shines the way

But do I follow or wallow in the mist of blackness against the fright, a sudden calmness

By my side He takes my hand, leading me to where I need to stand

The thoughts fall back and everything’s clear, here I am

Already wrapped up in the unreality, no dreams can top this

What is unreal is real, what’s real is unreal..

Locked in a dream within a dream, thinking you’re awake

Fooled by the reality of the unreality, but it doesn’t end there

Awake or unawake truths of reality are a mosaic blur

So confused and lost we wallow in obscurity

Until veracity comes and takes our hand and leads the way

Toward the light…toward Truth.



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