The Photographer

Do you ever find yourself struggling to take a picture of one of your experiences? Be it a wedding, a sports game, a play or an event, so many activities are being photographed today. I often find myself in this debacle, but I’m not alone. Have you ever attended an event and automatically view phones raised in the air? Or even ipads or tablets are used to snap the perfect shot. I wonder how many have stopped to think about the fact that when you spend your time attempting to capture the moment, you aren’t fully experiencing the moment. Rather than struggle to capture the moment with the snap of a button, I simply don’t at times. This leaves me with no picture to witness later, or rather display to others later as “proof”. However, I know the most special moments are those locked away in my brain as visual or auditory imagery. No matter how much time may erase the sharpness of these images, I know they will last with me for a lifetime. #FoodForThought, capture the moment by living in the moment. Be your own photographer.


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