Naked Queen

The knight falls to the darkness of light.

He gazes to seek the truth of sight.

Eyes first glancing, then piercing the skin.

Eyes constantly searching to undress the person.


Do these eyes not like what they see?

Why do they strive to invade me?


A wall of defense stands guard against this unwanted trespasser.

Passer-byer not risking the chance to stay awhile.

An army of expectations kneel to the queen–waving their white flag.

She thirsts to be seen as she is–a beautiful queen indeed.


Why must my shield seduce the knight?

Bewitched by the veil of deceit, he knows not I.


Her nakedness haunts the knight–a hunt for security.

This queen so secure in her nakedness, it’s no wonder the eyes peek inside.


Has he discovered my weakness?

Why has his gazed reached thus far?


The knight knows yet the battle he’s won, urging the queen to surrender defeat.

The naked queen haunts the knight.

It’s a wonderful sight indeed.




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