I Touched a Cloud

Many people may choose risk taking as a means to push themselves to reach new limits and break comfort zones. I, myself, can admit to testing my limits through different activities. I cannot swim well, so I’ve always possessed anxiety when participating in water activities [despite my love of the sight and sound of water]. I have also possessed a fear of heights, so this past weekend I challenged myself to go sky diving!

I almost panicked when the wind attacked my face and I forgot to breath! It was not until the parachute opened that I regained my sense of what was happening, and I calmly enjoyed the view of the land. Just look at all the green 🙂


I must say that the first jump is a sensory overload! I will jump again soon to better experience life amongst the clouds. I think a bird may be my spirit animal because I was surprised how comfortable I became soaring in the sky.



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