I will Speyer You the Details


Taken in Mannheim, Germany


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Germany this year catching up with amazing friends and vicariously enjoying the child-hood memories of Spaghetti Ice. YES! That is ice cream featured above made to look like spaghetti with its strawberry paste sauce, white chocolate sprinkled parmesan and whip creamed stuffed cheese. A lactose and tolerant person’s worse nightmare and dream come true. I enjoyed having spaghetti ice in Mannheim where it was invented!


Dinner with my German Family


Spaghetti ice comes pretty close to this huge wine barrel made into a local restaurant and apparently the largest wine barrel in the world! You could drink yourself drunk inside drowning in the sweet aromas of authentic German food made to order with vegetables and produce from your local farms. The white asparagus was in season and I just couldn’t resist!

Last, but not least, you must wash it all down with a hearty German beer from your local Biergarten. I must say during my travels thus far, the Germans have the best beer and wine! Don’t quote me on that since I have plenty more places to explore on my list. However, I would recommend adding the historical town of Speyer filled to the brim with lovely people, food, hidden castles, and a random Salsa dance night under the stars!



Good Friends are Hard to Come By


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