London Bridges, Eyes,and Skies!

During my stay in London, I experienced the tube, train, plane, black cab, double decker bus, and of course getting lost all along the way in this enormous city! From Dalston to Waterloo, I pretty much wandered about getting into random adventures. Thankfully, I started at the Sky Garden where I could get a good view of the city that would swallow me whole. Then ventured over to the London Eye and said Hey! to Big Ben near Westminster Abbey. I felt as though I was in Downton Abbey, but not really.

Did I mention I got lost? Oh my! Without any phone service too! Maps are great when you understand the crisscross streets that loop and loop and loop. I would not recommend exploring London without an international plan. I myself prefer to travel with least distractions, but I learned my lesson here.

Despite getting lost several times, I enjoyed the diversity of this huge city. I experienced Street Feast filled with amazing foods and beverage, playing quizzes at the rooftop bar, meeting the only 2 English men in London who insisted on talking about Trump at a bar named after a Dance Studio (confusing the next day when you check your bank statement. Did I sign up for a dance class last night??). However, once again the most amazing part was catching up with great friends from all over who just so happened to end up in London around the same time. Oh and Mammamia! Most definitely a great musical to catch if you’re ever in London! I will not spoil it!!!



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