Bienvenido a Santo Domingo!

Wanderfulife has joined Skillcorps! Follow the journey in the Dominican Republic and learn more about Skillcorps and The Global Autism Project!


Now, Imagine landing in a country for the first time and it’s late at night. You are starved from travelling, but are unfamiliar with the area so you’re not sure where to get food. It’s too late to go out, so you hop online to order take out. However, the website is confusing and there seems to be no option to submit the order online. You must call to place the order, but wait you don’t speak the language. The only Spanish speaker in your group hops on the line for you to place the order. BUT WAIT, as she tries to explain the order and provide the house address, the lady on the other end is unfamiliar with the area. She passes the phone to a gentleman who is patient and allows you to slowly provide the address as written and offers to call you back to confirm. A few minutes go by and there’s a ring at your door. The same gentleman has arrived with a menu in hand to help you and your group place your order. He then leaves and returns with everything you wanted!

Words cannot explain the welcoming received during my first trip with Skillcorps to the Dominican Republic. I couldn’t help but think if we were home would anyone take the time to do as the gentleman did? Why was he being so nice? Is it the culture here or was he going above and beyond the call of duty? Either way, he helped s potentially stressful situation become a positive experience.

However, the kindness did not stop there. The next day we were welcomed by therapists from the center where we will work over the next two weeks. They took us out to dinner and as we all sat around the table, I couldn’t help but feel right at home as if we had all met in another life. Everyone was so open and chatted as if we were long term friends meeting up after not seeing each other for awhile. One member kept repeating “we are family”. The DR has been so welcoming during my first two days here. I look forward to sharing this experience with my viewers as this is the first time Wanderfulife has travelled with an organization to build a partnership with centers who provide services to children with autism (don’t fret! more info to come!). This journey will be so different from any other blog post. I hope to not only share my experience, but to spread awareness of the amazing work behind Skillcorps and The Global Autism Project!

“Take a moment and come on a journey with me, and hopefully your mind as well as your heart will grow as mine.”


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