Welcome to Wanderfulife!

You may be wondering what exactly is Wanderfulife? First, the name is broken down to wander-full life, meaning a life full of wander. Now this is a bit of a play on words because wander means to walk aimlessly yet sounds close to “wonder” which means to desire to know something. Wandering and wondering are both important to me in life. A wonderful life is full of exploration and travel to gain new experiences. However, life is most filling when one is able to share these experiences with others. Hence, my new blog Wanderfulife!

I desire to share my wandering experiences with those who are curious to know. So look forward to some travel posts both local and abroad. I am a “thinker”, always thinking about the world and others, and my part in it. Therefore, I will also share some Food For Thought with my audience to contemplate over some of the things that spark my interests. Think of it almost as a family meal, where food is passed from one to another. Hopefully, we will all benefit from this in some way, big or small. Lastly, sometimes words are difficult to find or lack in expressing the feelings and depths of the soul. Thus, you may find some Poetry around my blog to help paint a picture of some complex life experiences.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my blog!





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