I Haiku

He stands over her.

Wide eyes staring, piercing brown.

His lips form a smile.


Down Beat

Let me fall asleep in your back. My hand tucked beneath your briefs. Inhaling your scent intoxicating. Breaths slow and steady flowing against skin so soft. Warm feelings igniting in the darkness of night. Suffocating passion. Drowning in lust.

Let me fall asleep beside you. My arms wrapped around you. Dreaming of this moment time and again. Afraid to wake and you’re not there.

Let me fall asleep on your chest. Listening to the beat of your heart. A rhythm tells the depths of your soul no words can ever speak. One rhythm becomes two dancing the song of songs.

Let me fall asleep beside you. Hands to myself only touching with my presence. Peacefully dreaming knowing you’re here only to wake with the sun.


All I can be is me. I have no expectations. I’m not in a rush. Living in the here and now. Enjoying the moment. Let it all come and go as it may. Embrace tomorrow today.

I have no doubts. I’m not regretting. Being free. Letting go. Treasure yesterday today.

I accept not knowing what time will tell. I’m not the fortune teller.

I am what I am. A seed waiting to grow. A plant to be harvested.

Pray tell the fortunate one.

Naked Queen

The knight falls to the darkness of light.

He gazes to seek the truth of sight.

Eyes first glancing, then piercing the skin.

Eyes constantly searching to undress the person.


Do these eyes not like what they see?

Why do they strive to invade me?


A wall of defense stands guard against this unwanted trespasser.

Passer-byer not risking the chance to stay awhile.

An army of expectations kneel to the queen–waving their white flag.

She thirsts to be seen as she is–a beautiful queen indeed.


Why must my shield seduce the knight?

Bewitched by the veil of deceit, he knows not I.


Her nakedness haunts the knight–a hunt for security.

This queen so secure in her nakedness, it’s no wonder the eyes peek inside.


Has he discovered my weakness?

Why has his gazed reached thus far?


The knight knows yet the battle he’s won, urging the queen to surrender defeat.

The naked queen haunts the knight.

It’s a wonderful sight indeed.



Live to Exist

The pain of life is living.

Living to breath. Living to see.

The constant struggle of being.

Being presence. Being to be.


The paradox of death is life

Freeing the self from itself.

Being life, not living.

Fighting the true battle of existence.





Heads held high,

Breath held tight,

Lights, Sparkle, Bright

Reflection in your eyes,

Can’t believe you’re mine.


BOOM in the sky!

BOOM in my chest!

Colors spread across,

Arms open wide,

Holds me in close.


Can you feel the beat?

The rhythm moves the air,

Resonating through me.

This feeling bursts inside,

Illumination everywhere.


Falling debris…

Falling stars…

Falling under the fireworks.


Me Duele el Corazón

La vida sin ti es como la muerte

no puedo respirar sin pensar en ti

todos los días estas en mi mente

todos los días estas en mi corazón

y me duele el corazón

me duele el corazón por ti


no puedo pensar en otro

no puedo estar con otro

Creo que no puedo amar otro mas

porque echo de menos mi corazón

te extraño mucho


extraño como me besas, como me abrazas, como me tocas

Quiero estar cara a cara, piel a piel…besando las bocas

pensando en lo, me vuelve loca


Yo te quiero amor mio…mi vida…mi ser


un cuerpo sin el corazón no pueda vivir

por eso, cada día que estés muy lejos de mi, conozco a la muerte

y una cara sin su boca no pueda sonreír

Por eso, me duele el corazón.




Sleepless Nights

Once again the clock tells 12.  I should be locked in unreality, deep in a dream..

Here I sit, hands to my keys, typing away the thoughts that invade my brain

So alert my brain is when the thoughts cant I keep at bay

My mind wonders into an abyss of darkness where only one light shines the way

But do I follow or wallow in the mist of blackness against the fright, a sudden calmness

By my side He takes my hand, leading me to where I need to stand

The thoughts fall back and everything’s clear, here I am

Already wrapped up in the unreality, no dreams can top this

What is unreal is real, what’s real is unreal..

Locked in a dream within a dream, thinking you’re awake

Fooled by the reality of the unreality, but it doesn’t end there

Awake or unawake truths of reality are a mosaic blur

So confused and lost we wallow in obscurity

Until veracity comes and takes our hand and leads the way

Toward the light…toward Truth.


Lost in Love

Lost in this world called Love.

It is you that I’m thinking of

Trying to figure you out

because I seem to be having some doubt

Do you really exist? Or am I just lost in the mist?

Clouded by feelings of lust that must be wiped away. Like dust.

It’s so easy to confuse the two. They both do begin with L…it’s true

But how am I suppose to tell which one you mean. or I mean.

So I’m just lost in this world and I’m sure I’m not alone


Damaged by those three little words. But so much meaning behind those three little words.

So I refuse to let them slip from my lips.

And when you say them with your hands wrapped around my hips

I tremble inside and just want to hide

But I smile to your face and kiss your mouth, hoping that I can shake my doubt

I’m trapped in this state of mind. Not to believe you just because you are kind

So I’m just lost in this world and I’m positive I’m not alone


All hope is shattered by those who came before you

Those who confused and misused the word. And now you too?

But do I just forget…and take your word for it

I don’t want to lose another to this wall I’ve put up

To protect this world in which I’ve never lived, so that when the time comes

It will not cease to exist

While I’m caught in the mist of lust.


I’m lost in this world called Love and I’m definitely not alone.


Cloudy Sky


My Mind Wonders

Wonders about the things that could be, should be or ought to be

Constantly blinding me to what I have right now, here

Instead of appreciating the present, my mind looks to the future

Always looking for a better tomorrow. Who’s to say that day will come?

Though it seems to always come. I cant allow my mind to stay clouded by the things that May or may not be

While forgetting the things that are, right now, here

If i can open my eyes and take off the blindfolds,

Then the clouds will disperse

My sky will be clear and I will see a brighter tomorrow.