Das ist Keine Religion

“Das ist keine religion sondern liebe.”

“This is not a religion, but love.”

Have you ever just set and listened to a song on repeat, over and over again? I’ve been listening to “Keine Religion” by Joy Denalane for the past six hours while working.

A friend shared this song with me today and it resonates with me so I thought to share it with others. When you feel even your deepest wounds will not heal, play “Keine Religion”. You will hopefully find the joy embedded in the darkest of corners waiting to be released.

“Es ist die Hoffnung, die sagt, dass auch die tiefsten Wunden heilen”
“It’s the hope which says
That even the deeper wounds will heal.”



Capture Life

On the left is a picture I took while walking about New York City, NY.  On the right is a picture I took in Richmond City, VA. In both cases, I felt unnoticed by others, yet engaged in my surroundings. A picture, however, does not fully capture the life I felt surrounded by passer-byers. Mindfulness and awareness aid in capturing life.

Live to Exist

The pain of life is living.

Living to breath. Living to see.

The constant struggle of being.

Being presence. Being to be.


The paradox of death is life

Freeing the self from itself.

Being life, not living.

Fighting the true battle of existence.




Spring is Here!

Spring brings life to the death and destruction of Winter and Fall.

Take in the beauty of the blossoms and enjoy the burst of energy taken away by the frost.

Spring is the beginning and the end.

Spring is here!


Washington, D.C.




The Photographer

Do you ever find yourself struggling to take a picture of one of your experiences? Be it a wedding, a sports game, a play or an event, so many activities are being photographed today. I often find myself in this debacle, but I’m not alone. Have you ever attended an event and automatically view phones raised in the air? Or even ipads or tablets are used to snap the perfect shot. I wonder how many have stopped to think about the fact that when you spend your time attempting to capture the moment, you aren’t fully experiencing the moment. Rather than struggle to capture the moment with the snap of a button, I simply don’t at times. This leaves me with no picture to witness later, or rather display to others later as “proof”. However, I know the most special moments are those locked away in my brain as visual or auditory imagery. No matter how much time may erase the sharpness of these images, I know they will last with me for a lifetime. #FoodForThought, capture the moment by living in the moment. Be your own photographer.

Weeds Are Flowers

A dandelion is a medicinal herb used for thousands of years in places such as China. It supports the liver, kidney and spleen as well as serves as a reliable detoxifying agent. It can be brewed in teas, beer or wine. Yet, here we see people plucking them like weeds to maintain a nice, green grass. #FoodForThought